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Jeff Ayers

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Interview: Rob Caggiano of Volbeat talks tour with Five Finger Death Punch and coming back to Upstate New York

The massive success of Volbeat and Five Finger Death Punch in the last year has led to a co-headlining tour that is built on epic proportions. The lineup is filled out by rockers Hellyeah and Nothing More, and will wind up playing two shows in the Upstate area. I got the chance to talk with Rob Caggiano, the new guitarist of Volbeat, as well as alumni of the bands Anthrax and The Damned Things.
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Hearing Aide: Unearth Brings Metal Mastery with ‘Watchers of Rule’

Unearth has remained present in the metal landscape for over fifteen years. This has everything to do with their work ethic, constant touring, and producing quality albums for that entire time. Their newest record, Watchers of Rule, is another incredible heavy masterpiece from this band that has consistently kept metalcore music heavy as ever.
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Interview: Hellyeah! Vinnie Paul talks about touring, Blood for Blood, and the story behind Rebel Meets Rebel

In the world of hard rock and heavy metal, there are drummers, and then there is Vinnie Paul. Starting up his first project in 1981, which would soon become the game-changing metal band Pantera, Vinnie has been delivering crushing drum beats for three solid decades. When tragedy struck in 2004 while playing with Damageplan, it was unclear if Vinnie would ever play drums again.
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Interview: Dan Maines, bassist of Clutch, talks Upstate NY, a new record, and The Walking Dead

When Clutch came to Upstate Concert Hall in September, I was lucky enough to sit down with the bassist, Dan Maines. The lineup of the band has added members to it’s roster over the years, but the core lineup of Dan, Neil Fallon, Jean-Paul Gaster and Tim Sult has remained the constant for over twenty years.
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Hearing Aide: ‘The Wreckage of Stars’ Reveals Technical Brilliance from Black Crown Initiate

Black Crown Initiate, hailing from Reading, PA, are poised to release their new album, The Wreckage of Stars, on eOne Entertainment. Only starting out in 2012, this band has made huge strides to get where they are today. They came out with their highly received EP, Song of the Crippled Bull and went on the Metal Alliance tour in 2013.
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Interview: Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch opens up to UL’s Jim Gilbert and Jeff Ayers

Back in 1993, ‘nu metal’ was barely a thing in the musical landscape. But five young guys from Bakersfield, California started a band that would become the powerhouse metal band Korn. From their debut self-titled album which gained instant success, to the slew of consistent chart topping albums for the last 20 years, they have been a lasting force in the heavy music scene.
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GWAR just unveiled new Front Woman!

Gwar continues to keep things interesting. After the sudden passing of Oderous Urungus (Dave Brockie) this year, the band has been a little quiet about who would fill in. They have went on record saying that they asked many older characters from Gwar’s extensive former members list to help fill out the tour.
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Black Crown Initiate and Rivers of Nihil set to bring explosive energy to Bogies in Albany

No stranger to bringing quality music to the area, Bogies in Albany is at it again on Sunday, September 21st. A co-headlining onslaught of heavy music in Rivers of Nihil and Black Crown Initiate, with some great local openers to round out the bill. Forest of Remorse is a newly reformed project from Lyme, NY.
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Interview: American Sharks talk Touring and Having a Great Time at Upstate Concert Hall

Good bands and fun times seem to come out of Texas a lot these days. American Sharks are a prime example of the type of music and tour ethos that can be attributed to bands like The Sword and The Black Angels. After their head-turning set at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, NY opening up for Clutch, I got to sit down with Mike Hardin (bass/vocals) and Will Ellis (guitar) to talk about touring, the fast pace the band has been coming up in the music scene, and what it means to have a good time.
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Clutch Brings Earth Rocker to Upstate Concert Hall

In Upstate New York, it is that special time of the year again. Time for the leaves to change, the nights to get colder, and Clutch to return to the area. For much of their 24 years of playing, they have managed to always make Upstate a stop on their tours. Good thing too, because this area absolutely loves the band and comes out in droves to witness their pure rock fury.
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Jesus Christ and the Hallucinogenic Allstars Bring Salvation and Metal to the Putnam Den

The time had come for metal to return to Saratoga Springs. On Friday, Sept. 5, the Putnam Den held court for Jesus Christ and the Hallucinogenic Allstars (JCHA) monthly residency, where they bring the best in hard rock and metal from locals to bands up and down the East Coast. Unfortunately for this show, Surfacing from Brooklyn had to drop off last-minute due to vehicle troubles.
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Brooklyn and Albany combine as The End Men kick off their tour at The Low Beat

Thursday, September 11th, the rock will invade Albany at The Low Beat. From the ashes of Valentines, this new venue over on Central Avenue has risen, and has already brought some great live acts to the area. This night aims to be no different, as some locals and some out of town bands will help send off The End Men on their two week tour of america.
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Jeff Ayers

I started reading at a very young age with my parents. My father read the comic strips in the paper with me, like Spider-Man, Calvin and Hobbes, and Peanuts. Later, my love of reading blossomed into books, graphic novels and comic books. I also am a classically trained violinist, playing with the Empire State Youth Orchestra program as a child, and played electric violin with the progressive metal band Lore(1997-2003) and the experimental rock and roll band Skeletons in the Piano(2008-2014). I studied creative writing and journalism at SUNY Oswego and I am currently working on an illustrated collection of short stories with the talented fine artist Matt Mrowka. I live in Saratoga Springs, NY, where I frequent rock shows, dive bars and the best comic store around, The Comic Depot. Currently I review new comics for Comic Book Herald, graphic novels for Graphic Novel Reporter, and review concerts, albums, and interview bands for Upstate Live Music Guide.



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