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Jeff Ayers

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Death of Wolverine #1 Review! “The End”

Through the last few decades, Wolverine has become a household name, and has gained an incredible amount of fame in and outside the culture of comics. One would have never thought that Marvel would toy with the idea of killing off this immensely popular character, until now, when they totally are going to do just that.
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DEATH OF WOLVERINE #2 Review! “Poison”

Fresh on the heels of the first issue, DEATH OF WOLVERINE 2 hit the shelves this week. Marvel plans on pumping out all four issues in this month, so the beloved character will be good and buried by October. Smart play on their part, because drawing out this event at this point would be tedious and lose momentum.
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Death of Wolverine #3 Review! “Seppuku”

Here we are, only one issue away from Wolverine’s actual death. As always with these specific reviews, there will be a ton of SPOILERS, so read on at your own risk. Lets jump right into this penultimate issue of this four part mini-series. First of all, the title evokes a certain air right off the bad.
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DEATH OF WOLVERINE #4 Review! “History” – (SPOILERS!)

First of all, this review contains MAJOR SPOILERS about this mini-series. I know that many of you might only read these reviews, maybe because you don’t collect Wolverine, or don’t read comics at all. But this event is pretty significant to all of the Marvel Universe, hell, it’s pretty damn significant to anyone and everyone who knows who Wolverine is.
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Wolverine: A Love Letter for the Demise of the Tragic Super-Hero

In just the last decade, the comic book character, Wolverine, has undergone a surge in popularity and renown. Yet, recently, his saturation in the comics and movie universes has led to a mere shell of the man known as Logan, James Howlett, Patch, and The Wolverine. Now Marvel plans to kill him off in the comics, and this is seen as a poor move by some, a welcomed move by others, and has outraged die-hard fans and new believers all the same.
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Avengers #35 Review! The Three Avengers

Well we have quite the doozy on our hands folks. All the events that have been building and building in Avengers, and New Avengers, are starting to come to a head. Way, way back in the early issues of the reboot of this Avengers line, this was written: “The idea begun by two men. One who was life.
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Amazing Spider-Man #6 Review! “Business As Usual”

Here we go again kiddos! Spider-Man, and more importantly, Peter Parker, has been dealing with a lot of ‘stuff’ since his return to his own body with his own brain, after defeating Doctor Octopus. (See all of Superior Spider-Man). Can he hold it all together and get his life back to the crazy normalcy it once was?
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Captain America #24 Review! “The Tomorrow Soldier Part 3″

As the rest of the comic lines in the Marvel Universe are gearing up for the AXIS event, Captain America is pulling double duty. Not only providing story clues to the upcoming problem that all heroes and villains will be facing, but also dealing with the events started way back in issue number 1. Rick Remender continues to push out solid writing on this title, even if it gets away from the reader from time to time.
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Wolverine #12 Review! The Last Wolverine Story: Conclusion

This is it. The be all, end all, last issue of the WOLVERINE title. Going back to 1988 with WOLVERINE number 1, or even farther to the Frank Miller/Chris Claremont mini series from 1982, it has been quite the rollercoaster adventure, chronicling Wolverine’s life. It all comes down to this, a double sized issue that is now the bookend to a long and illustrious comic book series.
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Wolverine vol 6 Annual #1 Review! “Wolf and Cub”

On the eve of Wolverine’s death, this annual gives a small respite to the events that are careening out of control in the final issues of WOLVERINE, leading up to the DEATH OF WOLVERINE mini series. Still tagged with the ‘1 Month To Die” at the top of the cover, the impending doom for the title character is not lost, but rather heightened and accented in a beautiful way with this stand alone story.
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Avengers #34 Review! The Last Avenger

What a long, strange trip it’s been in the pages of Avengers. Poor Steve Rogers has been hurdled through time, yet again, but this is directly because of the time gem, of infinity gem fame. Master of writing a million titles a month, Jonathan Hickman has been crafting quite the story throughout not just the main AVENGERS title, but also NEW AVENGERS.
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Magneto #8 Review! “To What Lengths”

This week gives us the final story in this arc of MAGNETO before this book starts to directly tie into the upcoming AXIS event. Another superb outing by Cullen Bunn, each issue in this series has been building up to what happens, and what is bound to happen, in this comic series. I can’t say enough of how much I enjoy this book, and how it is one of the few books in my pull list at my local comic shop (The Comic Depot) that I am genuinely excited for each month.
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Jeff Ayers

I started reading at a very young age with my parents. My father read the comic strips in the paper with me, like Spider-Man, Calvin and Hobbes, and Peanuts. Later, my love of reading blossomed into books, graphic novels and comic books. I also am a classically trained violinist, playing with the Empire State Youth Orchestra program as a child, and played electric violin with the progressive metal band Lore(1997-2003) and the experimental rock and roll band Skeletons in the Piano(2008-2014). I studied creative writing and journalism at SUNY Oswego and I am currently working on an illustrated collection of short stories with the talented fine artist Matt Mrowka. I live in Saratoga Springs, NY, where I frequent rock shows, dive bars and the best comic store around, The Comic Depot. Currently I review new comics for Comic Book Herald, graphic novels for Graphic Novel Reporter, and review concerts, albums, and interview bands for Upstate Live Music Guide.



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